translation by Nathanael Cameron

Selections from Books1, 2, 4, 6, 10, & 12.


"Funeris heu tibi causa fui?"("Was I the cause of your death?")
by Thom Kapheim

A few important things to note when reading the material of this site:

  • Bold..................The Latin is presented in bold, above its translation.
  • Normal..............The English (translation) is written in plain normal text.
  • Italics................Notes and comments from myself are given in italics.
  • (...)...................When you encounter parentheses (...) in the English translation, it means that whatever is in the parenthesis is only there for clarification on what is being said (because sometimes things get too literal) or clarifying who or what is being spoken to. It can also be used to suggest a word that makes the translation flow better.
  • [...]...................When you encounter square brackets [...] in the English translation, it means that an implied word(s) has been supplied to the translation, so as to make the sentence flow better in English. Don't worry - no drastic supplementations have been added to this translation. It's all very literal and stays 100% true to the text being translated.
  • Links ................When you encounter text that is blue, it means that it is a link that gives background and clarification to the thing in question. If you want to understand the Aeneid's story more fully, it is recommended you click on these links, as they contain helpful tidbits that are often useful to know, especially when taking an exam on The Aeneid.
  • Underlined.........And in case you couldn't figure it out for yourself, underlining is used for emphasis by me, and is rarely used.

NOTE: When you encounter parentheses and square brackets combined, ([...]), it means that it is both clarifying the meaning of the sentence and may also be supplied in the translation, while it is not absolutely necessary. It's there to give a lost reader the gist of the sentence.

NOTE 2: IF PARENTHESES ARE USED IN THE LATIN TEXT ITSELF, they will also be included in the translation. So double check the Latin to make sure it is not just my own clarification parentheses. (Ahh, don't complain. It takes 2 seconds at most)

Excellent. That is all.
Special thanks to (in alphabetical order): Demetri Petters, Maria Valle, Patricia Beauchamp, and Pecheck Gonzalez, for emotional support and the patience to listen to me speak incoherent nonsense.